Earn Free Recharge App #1 mCent

There are many so called Earn Free Recharge App / apps that gives you free mobile recharges for doing something or the other. After testing a few apps myself I am happy to tell you about mCent. I am personally using this app and do trust me when I say it works it actually does. Been using it for the past 2 weeks and already earned a mobile recharge for Rs.100 by downloading just 3 apps.

Now few of the reasons I am suggesting mCent are:

  • Works globally
  • High credits given compared to others apps
  • Can be accessed using desktops too


(I will be using INR/Rs i.e Indian Rupee as a default currency in the article to explain.) So let’s start

    • Now you can download it directly from the mCent offer page
      If you are an android user Download from Google Play [This link only works on mobile devices]
    • Make a new account if you do not have one or just sign in if you do have an account already
    • Select your country and enter your mobile number. A verification SMS will be sent to you so enter your correct mobile number
    • You will be taken to the “New apps” page [on mobile]
    • Earn Free Recharge App - Thats My Top 10      Earn Free Recharge App - mcent
    • Now select any app you want to download and do what is mentioned next to the app to earn credits.
      Please note: Use the default browser or you don’t get any credits.
    • May have to wait around 30 minutes to get the credit, so do not panic.

That is it, keep downloading and keep earning. If you use a wifi connection with unlimited data plan than this is free money for you, if you know what I mean 😉


Earn Free Recharge App #1 mCent

  • mCent gives you Rs.1 daily for checkin everyday, although after a couple of days you need to download atleast one app to keep the “Daily Checkin” feature unlocked.
  • You get paid a whooping Rs.40 for each referral you make. So don’t be shy and share.

mCent Tip:

If you have an unlimited data plan, it should not bother you with the apps downloaded. In fact you are getting paid with mobile recharge for atleast a partial amount of the internet bill you paid. 😀

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