How To Become A Videogame Tester

How To Become A Videogame Tester

Do you love playing video games? Are you a game freak who just wants to keep playing games? Have you ever wondered how great it would be if you could get paid to play video games? yes.. getting paid for playing the games you love. Earning money by doing something that you love. If that question did indeed cross your mind than you must definitely have searched the internet for How to become a videogame tester or How to become a game tester. So let me share with you few information on how to become a videogame/game tester.

What do Videogame Tester do?

Video game testers may also be known as game tester, product testers, quality control inspectors or QA testers. A game tester’s job does not mean he/she only plays a game, like the designation suggests they have to test the games for problems like glitches, flaws or bugs. A video game tester has to makes sure that the games are working fine and are upto the quality standards that are set by the game company.

The game tester may have to play the same level multiple times or go through all the scenario to make sure that there are no broken application and all the visual effects are functioning properly. While or after playing the game a tester has to provide a report about any problems that he faced during the game play, be it a bug or a glitch or anything that looked out of sort. These reports are in turn sent out to developers so that the problems are resolved before the game is finally released in the market.

What qualities are required to become a Videogame Tester?

Few of the basic qualities a game tester should have that any game testing company or game studios will be looking for are:

  • A natural passion for playing games and gaming ability.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Patience – a very important factor for a game tester
  • Minute attention to details.
  • Not getting bored – often there will be instances were you would be repeatedly playing the same game.
  • Not loosing interest in the game as this may cause you to miss few bugs.
  • Keeping note of the developments in the gaming world and staying updated.
  • Detail oriented – since you would be providing a report at the end of the game play, you should be able to detail out the steps on how to recreate the glitch or bug so that the game developers team could find a solution.
  • Behavior – every company would prefer a good natured and positive attitude in an employee. Avoid negative attitude.

Preferred Qualities :

  • Having a degree in one of the field – Software Development, Computer Science, Computer Programming or another technical field.
  • Any experience related with video games, program troubleshooting and computer software.

How much do Videogame Testers get paid?

An estimated payment in the gaming industry for the role of a game tester could be anything between 8$ to 15$ per hour. You can either work part time, full time or over time thus controlling your monthly pay.

“Game testing personnel are usually paid hourly (around $10–12 an hour). Testing management is usually more lucrative, and requires experience and often a college education. An annual survey found that testers earn an average of $39k annually. Testers with less than three years’ experience earn an average of US$25k while testers with over three years’ experience earn US$43k. Testing leads, with over six years’ experience, earn on an average of US$71k a year. Typically, they will make $35–45k with less experience. Some employers offer bonuses for the number of bugs found.”


Game Tester Career Growth

Games Tester –> Lead Tester –> Game Developer
you do need to have the necessary educational qualification to get promoted to a post like game developer. Well.. only if you are looking to make a career in the Gaming industry.

Game Tester Jobs

If you are seriously interested in earning big money by playing video games you will find lots of big industries out there looking out for videogame tester. The next big question that arises is how to find and work for the top brands and the leading gaming studios and gaming companies. This is the most tricky part. Many websites scam young and potential game testers asking them to join and pay up an amount. This is precisely the reason why people skip legit sites that do provide Game tester job, useful tips and insiders of the industry.

It is really hard to know where to start from and how to proceed to become a Videogame Tester if you are new to this. Many times people just give up because they were not able to find a game tester job. Fortunately, there are legit industry experts who will guide you and provide you with industry tips and secrets so that you find your first Game Tester job soon. Ofcourse, there is always the matter of a registration fee but what if you are give a 60 days money back guarantee? Yup, you have 2 months to check out the industry secrets and earn from your game tester job.

Recommended Program :

Gaming Jobs Online [My Rating: 4.5/5]

A major misconception is that Gaming Jobs Online is a scam which asks for a fees. Gaming Jobs Online” is a 7+ year old site. If it were a scam site would it have survived so long? What people do not understand is that Gaming Jobs Online is a service provider. A service provider who connects people wanting to be a Game tester with Gaming companies and Gaming studios. Gaming Jobs Online is a one stop solution for all of those aspiring to earn money from home or getting paid to play games.

They DO charge you a registration fees, but you save time by getting all the info and job offers sent to your email id directly without having to spend time searching for jobs. Also, they provide other money making options like :

  • paid online surveys
  • focus group participation
  • testing not just games but products like Gaming Controllers and Gaming Consoles which ultimately is yours to keep.
  • If you are good at blogging, play a game and review it to get paid.

Does $39036 yearly look like a hype?

Lets Calculate:

  • $39036 / 12 Months = $3253
  • That is $3253 per month.


  • $3253 / 30 days = $108.44
  • That is your daily earning.


  • $108.44 / $12 (taking $12 as your hourly pay) = 9.036 hrs/day

You would need to work for around 9hrs to achieve that target. Ofcourse, its an hypothetical number, just an estimate, the pay would depend on factors like Your experience in the gaming industry and How hard working/playing you are.

How To Become A Videogame Tester - Thats My Top 10

How To Become A Game Tester - Thats My Top 10

How To Become A Video game Tester - Thats My Top 10

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