IIT JEE Chemistry S-block Elements Tips and Tricks

Chemistry is an area of physical science which involves the scientific study of energy and matter and how they continue to interact with each and other. Chemistry is an integral subject in IIT JEE. It is one subject that is considered to be very challenging by most of the JEE aspirants. A devoted Chemistry student preparing for IIT JEE will have the periodic table of elements fixed in his/her memory.  A diligent Chemistry student should be well-versed with the equations and formulate for easy application.

Understanding Basic Concepts  :

When you are preparing for IIT JEE, Chemistry is one of the toughest subjects to tackle. It is necessary that you understand your strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of your preparation. This will enable you to devise a study plan where you can transform your weaknesses into strengths. It is utmost important that you plan your study. If you fail to devise a sound plan, you are only inviting disaster. The very first thing a JEE student needs to remember is to find the most optimum way for scoring maximum marks in least possible time. With this in mind, it is critical that you have an in-depth understanding of Chemistry’s basic and fundamental concepts. The IIT JEE preparation should be your primary aim as this will serve as a solid foundation in the future when Chemistry is an important subject in your IIT program.

Studying IIT JEE Chemistry :

When you are preparing for Chemistry as a part of your IIT JEE preparation, it is important to well understand the syllabus, mark allocation as well as the exam pattern. You can split the study in three parts-Inorganic, organic and physical. Based on your strengths in each of these groups, you can accordingly allocate time to each of these groups.

JEE Tips and Tricks :

• Physical Chemistry is learnt best with flow charts
• You need to practice a lot when studying organic chemistry, even though it gets too tedious sometimes
• Inorganic chemistry is easy to crack if you approach block elements seriously, for example, S block elements and P block elements
• A proven solution to enhance accuracy is preparing flow charts in distinct colors and pasting them by your bedside. This ensures you see and comprehend  these every day.
• You should make it a habit to solve mathematical questions on a daily basis.

It goes without saying that you need to put in hard work consistently and study for at least 3 hours every day. Once you have completed all the groups, you need to devote the rest of your time to revise and  focus on weaker topics of Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry is that branch of JEE preparation that is by no means mathematical in character or nature, as it is widely perceived. It is easy to get a good score in this section without having to put in a lot of effort. Element properties can be easily learnt since they have a certain pattern. The key is that you properly understand the periodic table and the rest of the studies flow easily.

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