MBA interview Tips and Questions Of Top 10 Business Schools of India

This article revolves around the MBA interview tips & MBA interview questions of top 10 business schools of India. This article’s based on the real experiences of member of Personal Interview panel of the top 10 business schools of India. The best part is that this article of MBA interview tips & MBA interview questions is not like a bombardment of interview questions for MBA but lets you converse and talk with the article!
Therefore, while you are engrossed in your MBA interview preparation, we present to you some MBA interview tips & MBA Interview Questions Of Top 10 Business Schools of India.
Before we begin, it’s important to understand that how you should start the day of your MBA interview while you carry your MBA interview preparation.
MBA Interview Tips to Kick start Your Day

How you should start the day?

The first thing to remember while you are engrossed in your MBA interview preparation is to remain relaxed. After all PI’s are not to rag the prospective students. However, each MBA interview question is asked to test one’s aptitude & knowledge about a particular subject. Therefore, don’t fill your mind with pointless questions such as why MBA interview question? Or I am nervous and…Just relax! The day of your PI is yet another beautiful day in your life! Hence, enjoy the moment as mentioned below.

Start with an optimistic note as it’s your beautiful day like every other!

This is the most important thing to remember to kick start your day! During your MBA interview preparation you must remember to be optimistic every time & get rid of worries which spoil your moment. Hence, start with an optimistic note. Get up early in the morning and welcome the day with full optimism in fact you should do this every day. After you take a shower don a neat & professional look with your hair neatly combed and tied with a band (for those who love their long hair!). Your nails should be trimmed and shoes polished. Keep with you a well maintained bag or folder anything you find comfortable. However, remember that all your personal belongings are safe & handy. Keep your mobile on silent and remember to switch it off before you face your interview questions for MBA.
Once you’re ready, it’s also important to have a good hearty breakfast. During all this do remember to update yourself with all the morning headlines! And last but not the least remember to reach your destination at least 10 minutes before. This will help you greatly to maintain your calm & smell that awesome day of your MBA interview where will bear the fruits of all the MBA interview preparation which you have done so far!

Now let’s see what the interviewers really expect!

All interviewers love a person who is smart. However, the one who is genuine is respected by all! Therefore, an interviewer does not expect you to be a know-it-all type. However, the interviewer wants to see your honesty. The old adage perhaps was very well thought of and said that, “Honesty is indeed the best policy”.

MBA interview questions based on your Personal opinions

  • Speak about yourself
  • Why do you want to pursue MBA from our institute?
  • Which niche (Marketing, Finance or HR) you want and why?
  • Did you receive interview calls from any other IIM institutes?
  • Did you ever feel that why I need to answer this question as I have already banked a good CAT score? Or why MBA interview question?
Interviewers’ primary purpose through asking such MBA interview questions is to analyze your communication skills & confidence. The interviewers do so by studying your eyeball movements and overall body language. Interviewers come to know about your clarity of thoughts which acts as a base to shoot further questions at you.
Therefore, it’s important to be genuine & answer in a well structured manner which is relevant and specific to the question being asked. When you read and practice your own responses to such type of questions in advance then you’ll surely be able to nail a pleasant first impression in the interviewers’ minds!

MBA interview questions based on your work experience

  • Which company you have worked for or currently working? How do you find it? Do you know about its financial status?
  • What changes you would like to recommend to your present company and why?
  • What was your most recent project regarding? How will it benefit the customers?
Interviewers’ purpose of asking such work related questions is to understand your way of presenting a solution in each case. This displays your decision making ability & skills of working in a team. In short your answer determines your managerial style. Therefore, think from a corporate point of view and answer like a manager giving a rational reason for your recommendation.
In order to make this easy you need to brush up your theory from graduate level program to your final year’s project and you’ll be bang on!

MBA interview questions based on your General Knowledge

The questions can be as follows-
  • What do you think of this year’s elections?
  • What’s the main news that’s become a major concern for this month/week?
  • Explain the demand-supply law in detail
  • What’s the current GDP rate of India?
  • Who do you think is the most apt prime ministerial candidate? Why?
  • What’s the reason behind IT industry’s significant growth during the last 10 years?
  • What do you think about the various scams happened in India during last 5 years? Name them.
The above list gives an idea of the kind of General Knowledge questions that can be asked. These questions include questions related to current affairs & general awareness. If these questions seem to petrify you then relax! You should be honest & give precise answers than faking any answers just to find yourself in deep trouble later! The key is to stay updated about the current affairs and major news through reading newspapers and other relevant material!
Further you’ll understand how to tackle interview questions for MBA based on your Hobbies & Interests

MBA interview questions based on your Hobbies & Interests

  • Which book is your favourite and why? Give certain details of the book, like the author, the synopsis and so on.
  • What’s your interest and why? Give details about your interest.
  • For example, if you say, “I like to travel” The interviewer can ask you to name a few destinations you loved the most and why?
This phase acts as a breather for all the MBA aspirants! Here you should display your real interests and hobbies and I don’t think so that there’s anybody out there who would face a problem answering these types of questions. However you must remember some things before you say it all. After all it’s an MBA interview and interviewers are definitely expecting something valuable from you.

Understand what the interviewer is expecting from you?

Interviewers here want to know whether you have any real interest in the first place or not. If you do then how deep are you committed towards your interest? Your answer will determine how committed and goal oriented you are? And what additional skills you have? Therefore, this will be one of your most important answers and can decide your fate!
Hence, be honest and express your real interests and hobbies rather than the “pretending-to-be ones.” Many recommend “reading” to be an ideal answer. However, you must be careful as the interviewer will shoot further questions like name the books you have read and their authors, which authors do you admire? Tell the synopsis & so on. Therefore, be honest and express your real interests and hobbies be it painting, travelling, dancing or even cooking or admiring a piece of art! However, you’re answer should be supported with good reasoning. I should not be like “Dance is my hobby & love to dance.” Rather you should say what type of dance you like or are trained into? Is it classical or jazz or hip hop? Mention the important events you have danced for, if any.
If you think that interviewers are just a bunch of geeks which are more inclined towards politics and industry and technology questions then you’re wrong! In one of the MBA interviews one of the interviewers asked one girl to show all the mudras of Kathakalli dance. The girl was just amazed to find out that the interviewer was an ace classical trainer herself! Therefore, don’t live on misconceptions!
Summing it up!

What the interviewer wants from you?

From all the above type of questions, the interviewer’s primary purpose is to know about your end objective and how committed you are along with your level of domain knowledge. The interviewer checks your level of general awareness & communication skills. Hence, always answer with confidence but not over confidence as there’s a very thin line in between the two. If you go across the line it will signify your ignorance and stupidity! Keep your calm & respond in an honest and humble manner!

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