Sonia Gandhi Disrespecting Former PM Manmohan Singh?

We all have heard the excellent speech that our former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh recently gave in the parliament on demonetaization. He expressed his views on how the demonetaization is currently affecting and will affect everyone on the long run. No one doubts his knowledge in Economy and profession as Economist and bureaucrat but I simply could not stop thinking why wasn’t he able to make any changes when he was the then Prime Minister of India and THEN I SAW THIS……

“Sonia Gandhi Disrespecting Former PM Manmohan Singh?” Here is a question and I let you decide the answer after looking at the video.

Just to point out looks like Dr. Singh was about to do a namaste (watch his hands) but…. 

Makes me wonder how would Dr. Manmohan Singh have fared if there was no Madam *cough* influence or he were a current member in BJP

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