Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1

Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1

This is the 1st article in the Top 10 Random Android Games of the week series. Here are the list of the Top 10 Random games for this week.

10. Samorost 3 

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Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1 | Thats My Top 10Samorost 3 adventure game is the third installment in the series. The newest installment in the Samorost series is a full-fledged adventure game offering several hours of gameplay and a professional design. You’re going to play as a secured wharf and you will be going on a journey across various mysterious planets to return lost Magic Flute to the owners. Strange things and unusual atmospheric will wait for you at each corner. Game features unusual visual style, original locations and air catching music.

9. Eggggg – The Platform Puker

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Eggggg - The Platform Puker | Thats My Top 10Take the boy Gilbert through a strange and bright world apply great power of Vomit which will help the hero jump and cope with dangers. Gilbert the main hero of the mary android game travels across fantasy levels full of obstacles, traps and enemies. Take the hero forward help him escape from wild hence the other monsters. Pick up various power-ups on the way. Apply vomit in the time to help the character climb walls jump over various obstacles and even fly into the sky.

8. City Mania

City Mania is an interesting game. You try to craft the perfect city where citizens will live happily and terrorists will come to win pleasure. Develop city infrastructure make a plan of development of your city. Build a skyscraper for business center, residential blocks of the suburbs, industrial objects, cultural and amusement places and so on. You will need money to develop the city that’s why it must bring some income try to attract maximum citizens to your city and provide them with comfortable life conditions.

7. World at Arms

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Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1Participate in high technology war on different battlefields. Of this Android game team up with your friends and fight for the world supremacy, attack other players and take trophies. Take a well-armed army into battle, build and develop your own military base and turn it into a walled town. Get resources needed for the base construction, develop technologies to create new samples of fighting machinery, take command over your troops during the battle and defeat numerous opponents.

6. Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

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Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1 | Thats My Top 10Try your luck in the streets of New Orleans and win the criminal world of New Orleans. Complete task in mafia bosses, fight against police and competitors and explore the big city. Make your way to the top of criminal world deal expensive cars and commit theft, participate in shootouts with competing gangs and police officers. Improve your reputation by completing hard missions. Purchase excellent weapons and other objects every gangster needs and become the king of the streets of a big city.

5. Super Mario Run

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Mario | Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1 | Thats My Top 10Super Mario run is a side-scrolling autorun a platformer video game developed by Nintendo. The player controls Mario as he automatically runs from left and right. The players must tap the touchscreen to make Mario jump. The longer the screen is touched the higher Mario jumps. Visually Super Mario run resemblance New Super Mario Bros. The game uses 2.5 d graphics similar to those used in New Super Mario Bros.

4. The Dying World

The game will be available for users of the devices Android, iOS and Windows Phone. According to the leaked information this new game combines shooting style in RPG. The game looked third-person view and looks cartoony for the characters. The graphics are really well worked and the game is planned to be released later this year.

3. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

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Racing games | Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1 | Thats My Top 10Asphalt Xtreme is the upcoming racing video game to be published and developed by gameloft. The game will feature a lineup of rally cars, monster trucks and vast amount of money of snow tracks and dirt. The visual interface, angular camera view and vehicular design of the game concept have a strong visual resemblance of the motorstorm video game series. Game features high quality graphics, various cars, hard tracks, realistic physics and handy system of controls.

2. Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS

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Shooting games | Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1 | Thats My Top 10You are going to complete fighting missions in different locations where you will meet many enemies. Find traps and shelter, choose a side in conflict between rebels and system defenders, fight on large maps, use high technology weapons. This engrossing android game will take you to the battlefield in a not so far away future. Demonstrate your reflexes and tactics skills by fantasy weapons armor and other items of ammunitions. Upgrade your ammunitions to increase your chances of survival and win.

1. SHADOWGUN: DeadZone

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Shooter Games |Top 10 Random Android Games : List #1 | Thats My Top 10Play with millions online as you seek to rid the galaxy of hostile alien races. Take on hundreds of missions and quests earning a slew of rewards as you go. Reach distant planets with other fellow shadow guns. Take your shadow gun from rookie to legend. Play alone or with others, your game.. your way.. Collect and customize hundreds of guns for success with hundreds of unique armor pieces.

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