10 Perks of Being a Young Mom

10 Perks of Being a Young Mom - Jyoti KhadyeBecoming a mother at the early age is surely not the thing which is celebrated by many women. In fact, when they see those two pink lines the first few thoughts cross their mind are, what about my job, my career, my plans and…… the list just goes on!

But what they fail to realize is, like every coin has two sides, every situation has some benefits as well as some drawbacks. Women tend to get nervous, boring and negative when they become mothers at the early age, but instead they should celebrate their early motherhood by taking it in a positive way. Yes, we gave up on our career, our dreams, our goals, but trust me, you can restart at any point of time. It’s never late to start something.

Here’s a list of few perks of being a young mom.

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Love, Love & Just Love

Have you ever seen kids who do not get loved and cared by their grandparents? While, In the case of early motherhood, your child gets the love and care not only of their grandparents, but chances are more of them getting pampered by their great grandparents too! Let them get the endless supply of love 😛

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As mentioned earlier, you have a great energy when you are young, so you can utilize that energy  to take care of your kid on your own that too without any limitations, which also would make you proud parents and by the way who likes to ask help from others?

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You can also share your accomplishments, achievements with your kid. Of course, which mom would not like to see that tiny smiling face watching momma accept her master’s degree?  Let your child learn how to achieve something in life, despite the obstacles.

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New Goals & New You

After having kids, you realize the fact that the major part of your life is dedicated to your little one as he/she is your priority. You learn how to manage things, how to balance between your work and your kid.

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Forever Young

How would you feel when you are constantly being reminded of how young and beautiful you are and when your kid’s friends will be confused about whether to call you ‘Aunty’ or ‘Didi’? I am sure you would definitely like that, huh!!

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We are a Family

The biggest perk of being a young mother is your kid would be of the same age of some of your cousins. And yes, not to forget, the chances are more of you to see your grandchildren or for that matter a great grandchildren!

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Early Empty Nest

Just think, how old would you be when your kid will go to college? 40? 42? Woah! Doesn’t that sound great? It will leave you plenty of time to devote to your career or to pursue your passion. Whereas other mothers must be busy around sending their kids to the school. Don’t you think, they would envy you for the kind of life you would be living?

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Little Age Gap

As you grow older and your kid grows up, the age gap between you and your kid will not be more.

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Extra Time

Having kids in your 20s gives you an extra time to spend with your kids, an extra time to see your child grow.

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Full of Energy

You have a tremendous amount of energy to exercise and workout to shed those extra pounds. So make the most of your energy and prepare yourself to be called a ‘hot mama’! Who would mind getting such compliments? Secondly, by the time you reach your 30, you might even stop running behind your kid and enjoy living child-free life.


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