6 Basic Post Pregnancy Workouts

It’s easy to get back into shape after having a baby with these 6 Basic Post Pregnancy Workouts. We all know every pregnancy and delivery is different and woman’s body goes through a lot during the procedure and it will continue to do so in coming months. After having a baby, your life will never be the same as it used to be, but your body will. You can gain a control over your body and get it back in shape and toned, the way it was before your pregnancy. But do not forget to consult your doctor before starting or resuming an exercise program. Every newly became mom wants her stronger and fitter body back, but getting a green signal from your doctor is a must.

Post Pregnancy Workouts and Tips

Definitely it is going to take some time for your body to get back in shape and you to return your pre pregnant fitness level. There are certain moves which would help you to get the desired result without stressing much on your body.

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You can begin with walking. It will not put much pressure on your body. A gentle walk can do wonders for you as well as your body. In fact, walking regularly with a normal pace will not only help you to get into a fitness routine but also keep your weight in check.

You can increase the intensity of your workout once your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles have regained enough strength.

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After giving birth, you would want to tone up your bladder muscles. Kegels not only tones up your bladder muscles but also helps to increase your control over your bladder.

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Pelvic Tilts

Your pelvic muscles are weakened during the pregnancy but you can strengthen those muscles and your lower back by doing pelvic tilts. It will also help to tone your tummy.

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Curl Up

6 Basic Post Pregnancy Workouts

After pregnancy, even your abdominal muscles are stretched just like your pelvis muscles. Curl up movements would strengthen, stabilize your abdominal muscles and also rebuild your core, but again do not force yourself to perform these activities if you and your body is not ready.

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You can also do shoulder and head lifts to just to get yourself used to for some exercises. This will surely help you to strengthen your back and also tone up your tummy and abs. While performing these lifts, keep in mind, do not hold your breath and also not to put more pressure on your neck.

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Post Pregnancy Workouts

Do not stretch your body much after delivery, especially the lower body. You can start giving your neck and shoulders a light stretch, when you feel you are able to do so. Do not force yourself nor your body, if it is not ready for stretches and/or any sort of exercise. If you feel pain or discomfort in your body, then there is something wrong with the kind of exercises you are doing and you should stop doing those exercises immediately.

Once you and your body gets comfortable with these free weight exercises, get yourself involved in the light weights program which would allow you to maintain your postures and doesn’t involve holding your breath. Just understand that your body needs time to recover from labour.

Eat healthy and balanced food, because it’s not only beneficial for you but even for your baby. So watch what you eat until you are breastfeeding your little one. And yes! Before I forget, let me tell you, even breastfeeding helps you to lose weight as it burns 300-500 calories per day.

If you had caesarean or had experienced complications during your labour, then please allow your body to take rest for some more time and consult your doctor before taking a plunge to be fit.

Getting your pre pregnancy weight and toned body back is not as difficult as you might think. I can say that from my personal experience. So develop good habits and give yourself plenty of time and enjoy your motherhood!
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