Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – #GapGate

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – The ‘GAP’ to be ‘NOTE’d

Since this month of September was supposed to be the month of new releases and launch, everyone wants their launch and release events to be as smooth as possible, sadly this didn’t quite work out for Apple. The full blow out about the iPhone 6 plus #BendGate, gave everyone an opportunity to take their jabs at Apple and honestly we all sought entertainment from it.

Speaking about the release and launch, we had the Note 4 released recently. According to me, Samsung didn’t always produce good quality of phones and when I say good quality I am pointing to the choice of materials used for the phone build quality. We were certainly surprised with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, that phone was (again according to me) Samsung’s best phone ever including the phone build quality except for the gap issue.

What gap issue you ask? Ok, so there has been some noise in the community regarding ‘Samsung Note 4 gap issue’ now known as #GapGate.

So a lot of you must have seen this image floating online:

 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 GapGate - Thats My Top 10

According to a statement in trusted reviews, a Samsung spokesperson said “The reported issue does not impact the functionality or quality of the Galaxy Note 4,” with the rising concern about the quality in the customer’s mind, he also said that, “We assure our customers that all Galaxy Note 4 units meet our strict manufacturing and quality control standards.” We can agree that the gap in the screens would not affect the functioning of the phone, But think about it for a while.

Can we overlook the other legitimate issues that would arise soon?

For Eg:

  • This gap that the phone has between the screen and the frame is going to be a problem when we keep carrying it in our pockets. What is to stop bits of fabrics, dirt, dust from entering the gap and collecting over a period of times?
  • If you are a beach person, there is a high possibility of sand entering the gap. This can also after a point affect the screen or the display area.
  • Use your imagination to see what else can go wrong.

If you brave these situations and still manage to use this phone, over a period of time that gap is bound to increase and will also collect a lot of dust and dirt from just caring it around  and constant handling / usage of the phone.

All this being said, the Samsung Note 4 is a well built and a good device, it’s just that small ‘gap‘ 😛  it has between ‘a good device’ and ‘an ideal device’. Ultimately the choice is yours, if you can work with these limitations, then there is nothing like it. 🙂

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